Money is ______.

I recently posed a question on my Instagram account, @patienceandhustle, asking people to fill in this phrase. “Money is_____” blank


Complete that phrase… “Money is____”. The responses I got were great! Money is a tool, money is energy, money is a necessity, money is an accelerant, money is a way to create opportunities, money is freedom.


We were taught that Money is the root of all evil. That’s just not true. In fact, that bible verse is quite misquoted. It actually says “For the LOVE of money, is A root of all kinds of evils”, it’s an attitude problem, not a money problem. Getting rich simply for the consumption, the crave, the desire for it, the LOVE of it. That’s the problem.


Money is a tool, it is a way to get new opportunities, it does help you accelerate your business or even your charity to others. It can create freedom. Finances are one of the leading causes of stress. Not being able to properly take care of your family in the good, and the bad times, will cause undue stress. Imagine a loved, maybe a parent, becoming terminally ill, possibly with cancer, and they don’t have good health insurance, or even life insurance. Who is going to pick up the tab? You. Can you? Can you afford to? Can you afford not to?


Your attitude and desire behind money makes all the difference. So ask yourself today, what is money to you?


Yup…you heard me right. Just Create S*hit, that’s not perfect and put it out there.


Too often perfection holds us back. If you’re an artist, a musician, or someone just starting with their brand, putting content out to be viewed and judged by others can be intimidating.

You could spend 13 hours just perfecting something to put out into the world, to find that people don’t even really like it. That can quickly crush your soul, and make you wonder if what you’re doing is what you should be doing. On the flip side though, people could absolutely love it, but more than likely people will not be as enthused about what you have created, as you are.

The solution? Just Create S*it. Lots of it. This will not only help you get a lot of content out into the busy and crowded world of the interwebs, but will also help you hone in your craft. The more you do something, the better you will become at doing it.

The Origins of “Just Create S*it”

This is also the title of a book I started writing. This all came about, because of a Facebook post that Hank Norman wrote. I just commented (jokingly at first) the very first thing that came to mind. You know what happened, I realized this was a really good idea, and a really good topic to cover.

Book originThe book idea


What now?

Now? Now you have to create. Just create. Open up your phone, press record, tell me something ACTIONABLE that will change my life. Tell me just one thing I can do, to improve my situation, solve my problem, get me on the road to a better life. I need something, clear, concise, actionable.

This content does not have to have perfect lighting, does not need perfect audio, does not need to be edited, it does not need pretty filters, any transitions, or anything. Just a video. Your message.

Send it to me  HERE


As for me, I have a book to write.


So until next time, thank you for taking the time to read my new blog, and I cannot wait to see your content, and all of it’s imperfections.



Do you need extra help with defining your brand? Check out Hank Normans Star Power course

Star Power

90 Day Challenge Part 1 – Health

As part 1 of my 90 Day Challenge comes to a close, I realize a few things. See, the month of June was all about improving my Health. Eating healthier, exercising more, improving my overall health.1) I didn’t document enough.

I should of documented more. Showing the beginning, and progress after a month. I will have to do a better job of that for Part II.


Why did I do this? To form a habit. I learned that if I push myself to doing something, that I can make it a consistent habit. With this consistent habit, comes discipline, and through discipline comes results. I’m stronger, healthier, and feel better. I feel better not only physically, but mentally too.

I learned also that investing in your health is important. I feel the difference. I had fast food 2 or 3 times in June, and my body did not feel good after it. The extra grease, the fatty food, the everything about it…it’s not good for you.

Make the investment now I’m your health, so it won’t cost you as much in the future. I don’t want to be overweight. I don’t want to winded when I walk up stairs, I don’t want to feel fatigued all the time. I want to feel great, because I’m treating my body right.

How physical health, attributes to mental health

*disclaimer* I am not a doctor, this is merely my take and experience.

Part of how physical health affects mental health, is the esteem built in seeing results. You work toward something, you make the investment and proper actions, you see results. You have to like who you are though. That is difficult for many people, for many different reasons. I find that starting with your personal health, is one good way to like yourself.

If you want to see change, make a change. – Lance

Start with yourself. Work out your body, and your mind. The discipline you put into improving your physical health, will build confidence in yourself. I find that people who don’t have a positive outlook on themselves, or the world, typically are not working toward something. They don’t have a deeper vision of their life. They don’t have a deep seeded “why”, that they’re working for. They just want to win the lottery, thinking that will make their life better.

Going Forward

These healthy habits are now a part of my daily routines. I will continue working on my health every day, and improving myself. I see I can do it, so why turn back now? I proved to myself that I can make a change for the better, so why go back to what’s not health for me?

Next Step

The 2nd part of this 3 part journey is W E A L T H. I will be building out products, and services more now. How? I do audio editing, some content creation, I design T-shirt’s, so I have some various products I can offer. The goal? As I am writing this, I realize I did not set up a goal for this month. I will be working not that, and haven’t a number in the next blog where I introduce my game plan.


Got questions about what I’m doing, or anything? Just go to the contacts page and send me an email.

Three Types of Employees

3-types-of-employees_ig.pngThis blog is really geared more toward those working at their resource center, or as most call it, the 9-5. Business owners, managers, supervisors, and everyone else, you should listen too. Today I’m talking to you about how you are the product of your actions.


There are three types of employees.

1: Those who do less than what they’re paid for

2: Those who do only what they’re paid for

3: Those who do more than they’re paid for


Those who do less than what they’re paid for typically complain before they get to work, when they’re at work, and when they’re off work. They don’t want to be there, they don’t like what they’re doing, they think they’re entitled to more than they’re getting. They’re constantly below goal, and pass blame to someone else on why they’re not hitting them. And you think you’re entitled? Guess what? You’re not entitled to anything!


Then there are those who do only what they’re paid for. They show up on time, they leave on time, they hit the bare minimum on goals. You can’t really count them off for anything, but you they don’t deserve praise either. Some of these people are looking for that praise. That pat on the back. Atta boys. Why? Because you showed up on time? Because you sold a few products? That’s what you’re being paid to do! You don’t deserve some congratulations, for doing the job you were hired to do. This is the real world. Not everyone gets a trophy for showing up.


The last group, the few and far in between, are those who do more than they’re paid to do. They find problems they’re not being paid to fix, and fix them. They take responsibility and go beyond what is expected. They show up earlier, and stay later. They never complain. They have made themselves valuable assets within the company. They are never satisfied and always pushing themselves further. They take care of themselves, and never ask for praise. They do the job, because they know what needs to be done, and then some. They innately build up others around them.


Let me ask you, out of those three types of employees, who do you want on your team? As an employee, which type are you? Now that you know the three types, which type will you now become?

Bitcoin – The New Nigerian Prince


It seems like at least 2 times a week, I get a message from someone claiming they can get 200, 300, even 400% returns on investment. I already know what they’re trying to sell me…something about bitcoin, and mining bit coin. It’s a scam, we all know that. These bitcoin scammers are the new Nigerian princes.

It is a total waste of my time to sit there and humor them, by replying back. They usually open up conversation with something about an opportunity, and I simply reply back “Send me your best pitch.” Then the fun begins. They tell me all about this big scam, and send me these pictures of text messages from supposed investors. The thing is, they’re all using the same photos of these text streams. The exact same photos. You can read these fake text streams, and be like “Yeah, that’s fake…” Then after you humor them for a short bit, you call them out, they get angry, then block you.

With all that being said, this is what I want to tell you about. Have integrity. Sell something that is going to actually bring value. You need to be solving people’s problems, making their lives better. Not making them worse.

I’m sure you have an incredible product, or service, and it solves some big problem that people, or companies have. Great! Stick to it! Never waver from that honesty. If you don’t have a product that you believe in, if it’s not bringing value and you know it. Go find something else to sell. This world is full of opportunities, so don’t be afraid to go and get them.




My Biggest Fear



Waking up elderly, and trying to survive off of a monthly Social Security deposit is one of my biggest fears


Imagine this

Your spouse dies, social security has to recall the deposit that month because they passed away, your account is $1200 negative, it’s a Saturday so you can’t call the Social Security office until Monday to get it sorted out. Once you can, the money won’t be there for several days.

You have bills to pay to keep the electric on, to keep the water running, to stay warm, to get just a little food in the fridge. You have no money.

You have already lost your spouse, having to work through funeral expenses, handling the estate, figuring everything out, and you are all alone in this.


None of us were prepared for this

Financial education is lacking in our society. It is not lacking on how to save money, but it is lacking on how to make money, keep money, and multiply your money. Saving money and pinching pennies will not save you from a big life event. When all you have is a hand full of pennies, and no way to replenish it, you’re screwed. Just being honest.

In school, if you’re lucky, you learn how to maybe balance a check book, you learn about putting money in a savings account. That is typically about it. When you get into your job, they tell you to invest in a 401k. You don’t know what you’re really investing in, but it’s supposed to be the “adult” thing to do.

The truth is, most people retire with just enough to get by, but not enough to be prepared for life events like deaths, major health problems, and so forth.

Saving is good, but saving alone will not save you.


Finish this sentence: “There’s more to life than…”

We all say “There’s more to life than just money”

But when you’re elderly, alone, grieving, and in debt, because you bought into the lie that social security was going to take care of you, you start singing a different tune.

It may be too late for some to make a difference, and shift their financial situation for the long term, but it’s not too late for you.

Start educating yourself on how to not only save money, but how to make it, and how to make it grow.


There is more to life than just money, but there’s also more to money than just living your life.


Financially Educate yourself

78% of American full time workers, are living paycheck to paycheck

This is one of the most important things I’ve been learning while working in the financial industry, and studying Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, and some others. You need to get financially educated. There’s such a large gap of information in school when it comes to finances.

Schools, and others, will tell you that you have to go to college to get a good job. They will also promise that you will get that good job right out of college. If you talk to a lot of college graduates, that’s just not the case. You’re not guaranteed that large salary just because you got a piece of paper saying you’re educated on a higher level. The times have changed. Many have decided to opt out of college to save the money, do there own thing, and become very successful. The results will vary based on how good you are, and how well you can stand out in the market. You can make a good living for yourself doing your own thing, or something on the side while working just a regular 9-5. If you want a decent paying job right out of school, then go to tech school and be a welder. They make $15-30 a hour + overtime, depending on the type of welding you do, and they’re in demand. Or become a Registered Nurse, and make like $20-30 + overtime. Nurses are always high in demand.

What you do with the money you make, is where you need to educate yourself. You need to understand how to make money, how to keep money, and how to grow your money.

First: Always pay yourself first.
Whenever you get income, of any kind, pick a percentage that you’re going to put away into a sacred account that you do not touch. This will be fore later investing, which is part of the growth stage.

Do not increase your spending, when you’ve increase your income

This is a trap that many fall in to. You get a raise, you get a bonus, you get a second job, and you now have more money than you did. What happens? You start buying that house, that new car, those unnecessary objects that you end up never using. You spend the excess, and are back to square one, and you have nothing to show for it. You need to learn to keep your income.

Multiple Flows

You cannot get financial freedom on one flow of income. It is said that some of the most successful people, have at least 7 flows of income. You cannot get rich off of one flow.  Grant Cardone has built out the formula for Wealth Creation. The graph below will get you started, but the program he has built is where you deep dive into wealth creation.


click here to learn more




I dropped a chocolate chip cookie on the floor

Kind of a strange name for a blog, I know. This really happened though. Twice. In the same evening.

It’s currently Saturday morning, 00:34 or 12:34am, as I am writing this. This week has left me physically, and mentally exhausted. Mid way through the week I was feeling drained. I couldn’t hold myself together it seemed. The best way to describe how I was feeling, was that I dropped two chocolate chip cookies on the floor. I love chocolate chip cookies. What a waste of a good cookie.

That’s when I knew my body was feeling the wear of the work, and time I have been putting in. Working a day job 7-5, then working out 30min-1hr after work, then doing another 2-3 hours of my side work. I’ve been doing this routine for a while, and I could feel my body needing rest. I continued to push through regardless.

Friday came, and I could feel the exhaustion even more. I kept my composure the best I could at work. I’m a supervisor in a call center for a financial institution. I enjoy what I do, but I was feeling drained. I had to keep an upbeat attitude, and composed myself the best I could to keep morale up. We are going through some technological upgrades, and that means things crash and call volume goes up. Not going to bore you with the details.

I typically record a short podcast everyday, but this last week, I have not done that. I also typically do sales training in the world, but have not done that either. I’ve been drained of energy, that my body wanted that extra 30 minutes of rest in the morning. I’ve been ignoring my body, and that has caused some unhealthy side effects. Not listening to your mind and body can cause exhaustion, added stress, lack of creativity, and the loss of chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t ignore the signs

Signs? Like that one movie about the aliens whose weakness is water, and they come to a planet that’s made up of mostly water? No. But, if you feel the need for an aluminum foil hat, feel free.

These signs are in regards to your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so you can’t sue me

  • Lack of excitement for the day
  • Lack of energy and hustle
  • Lack of creativity
  • Not feeling hungry
  • Unable to create lists of the signs you promised to list out

You know your body. You know how you should feel. You know when you’re not feeling like you did. Listen to it. Fix that Sh*t as soon as possible. Don’t let innocent chocolate chip cookies fall to the ground, because you didn’t take care of yourself.

I haven’t wrote a long blog in a while. I feel this is the first step to recovering, and getting back to being me.

I now really want a chocolate chip cookie…

What you learned about money

Photo May 14, 06 43 15


There is a gap in the educational system, that doesn’t teach people how to handle money. They don’t teach how to make it. They don’t teach how to keep it. They for sure do not teach how to multiply it.

#1 Sales is not a bad trade. We all have had bad experiences with sales people, or maybe with ourselves in sales. It’s because the salesperson didn’t know what they’re doing, so they had to use bad techniques which turned into a bad experience.

#2 It’s ok to get your money right. It’s not greedy. You shame people who have wealth, while we sit here and struggle financially. Would you still shame a wealthy person if you suddenly found wealth? If you were no longer struggling with finances, and could help your family financially, would you still hate that people are wealthy? No. You wouldn’t. So stop hating and focus on your life, and getting your money right.

#3 College education is becoming more and more inefficient. It’s not a guarantee you’ll get a job. I talk to so many people who have degrees, that no longer use the degree. They now see that it’s a waste. They’re doing something else they’re happy with, or haven’t been able to get a job doing the thing they studied. The tides have shifted. College education is no long a must have, unless you want to be a doctor or lawyer.

Educate yourself on money. I recommend @grantcardone and @therealkiyosaki


Create Your Future

It’s time to create your future.

Start by figuring out where you want to be, and reverse engineer that by figuring out what you need to have that that future. How long are you willing to be patient to get it? How hard are you willing to work?If you want $1mil in 1 year, you’re going to have to make ~$84k a month. Can it be done? Yes. Are you set up to do that? That would be nice. You can set those massive goals, and do everything you can to reach it, but here is what I recommend.Increments. How do you expect to make $1mil if you’ve never made $100k? How do you expect to make $100k if you’ve never made $10k? If you can’t manage $10k, how do you expect to manage $1mil? Each increment has different lessons to learn. You learn different tax write offs for the bracket you’re in. You learn to manage the money differently depending on how much you have. You invest differently. You don’t invest $10k in real estate, like multi family housing, you can’t afford anything with that. $100k gives you a lot more to invest with. That initial $10k can be invested in you, to learn to grow sales, get you in front of more people, and just overall improvement.Grow in increments, and keep pushing the bar up. Build that foundation, learn to manage your money, learn where and how to invest it properly, and here is the last thing…Know your “WHY”. Start there. WHY are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you building that life? Without that WHY, you will fail. Without your WHY, you will not have the patience and drive to achieve your goal.

Sales is Service


Sales is about service. It’s not about slamming someone with products, trying to force them to buy. You have to find out what their problem is, so that you can then present them with a solution.

If you’re talking with a prospect, who has never purchased from you before, probably doesn’t even know who you are, do you think laying on high pressure tactics is going to close a deal? No. It’s not. If I were to ask you if you enjoyed sales, you would probably tell me you hate sales. The truth is, sales is every conversation you have, and the commission is whatever outcome you’re looking for.

If every conversation were high pressure, intense, it’s all about your way and no one else’s way, you would not be having very many conversations. People would avoid you. If you can bring value by giving, and giving, and giving, when it comes time to ask you’ve got a lot better chance than you would have ever before.
Get creative. What products, or services do you have that could build value today, to help you land a sale tomorrow? You won’t be able to close everyone on one call, with one conversation.


Sales isn’t about high levels of pressure, it’s about high levels of service. – Lance Smith