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How to create content daily.

Figure out your mission. That’ll take so leg work if you don’t know it already. What’s the thing you stand for? What problem are you’re going to solve?

I teach people to create content daily. 


You need more exposure to get more customers. More customers mean more money. More money and financial discipline, means you become financially confident

I teach you the 5:1 method of content creation, so you can get more exposure, and more customers, and more money.


5:1 method:

  • Long form video.
  • Video audio converted to podcast.
  • Long form video condensed to 1 minute video so social sites.
  • Audio from video, transcribed to a blog.
  • Quotes in the blog designed into quote posts for social media.


You will find though, a fair warning, it is time consuming. You can do it all your own. My question to you though, is how much is your time worth? You can’t make more time, but you can buy time. That’s where I come in. People pay me to help them create the content, because by me giving you time, and content, it allows you to focus on customer acquisition.

Figure out your message, the problem you’re solving, and create content using the 5:1 Method, to show you solving that problem.


Two tools to help build & sell your brand:


What is the 5:1 Method?

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Well, it’s a method of content creation that takes out all of the excuses that you have of creating content.

So let’s dive in.

Step 1: You got an idea?

Write it down. This will make it tangible. Then you can begin to expand, and storyboard what you’re going to do in the video.

Step 2: Make a video

You want to state your opinion and you want to give actionable motivation. You do not need fancy equipment, just your phone. Set it up, and press record.

Step 3: Blog

You want to transcribe your video into a blog. This process can take a lot of time, but it is worth it! Why not take your big picture ideas, then transcribe them into a more elaborate blog? You can expand on ideas this way.

Step 4: One minute video

Make your video into a one minute video for social media. Use free software on your computer to do this. 1080×1080 is the resolution you’ll need to create videos formatted for Instagram, and twitter. You can use the standard 1920×1080 for Facebook, and Youtube.

Step 5: Quote Post

Create a quote post based off of pieces of your content. Use Canva, Gimp, or anything other free programs. It’s easy to just create content straight from your phone.

Step 6: Podcast

Turn the video audio into a podcast. You can use programs like GarageBand, or Audible to simply pull the audio from the video, then upload the audio to Anchor.FM to host your podcast.

So there you have it. It’s really simple. Six steps, and you can create content, so you now have no excuses. So all you got to do is press record.




Second Step: Self-Improvement

SelfImprovement_widescreen 720_widescreen 720.png

Read the First Step: Mindset HERE

This is the 2nd part of this mini-series on some foundational elements for success.

Today, it is about Self-Improvement.

I will consume information that challenges me, and helps me grow. You have to invest your time, money, and energy, every single day to improve yourself.

I take self-improvement seriously, and work on it every single day. Make time for this. The old excuses of “I don’t have time” are gone, and spent up. Make time.

I see the investments in myself, as the greatest investments I can make. The investments in yourself, will always have the highest ROI (return on investment). Why? By improving yourself, your skills, your mindset, you start leveling up. Gaining access to new money, and new opportunities.

I will never lose sight of my potential, and will see to it that It is constantly growing. As you’re improving, you have to push the ceiling up, and push the walls out. Always be pushing yourself further. That potential of yours will always, should always, be just slightly out of reach. So keep pushing!

I do not worry about the opinions of other as I am improving myself. People will scoff, tell you to slow down, tell you that you work too hard, question your motives, you’ll have some haters along the way. While you are moving forward, just keep in mind that they are just standing still.

Self-improvement can come in the form of books, new challenges, training programs, webinars, seminars, conferences, promotions, anything that pushes you to improve. You should be looking for those kinds of things every day. Do not sit back and wait for someone to bring along a book, or program, to help you improve. There are tons of materials out on the web, start searching.

Here are some key to listen to. Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Hank Norman, Sales – Marketing – Branding. If you’re scared to get out of your comfort zone, then I recommend Stacy A. Cross from The Comfort Killers. She will push you, motivation, you and get you out of that comfort zone of yours. There you go. No more excuses, start your journey on self-improvement.

First Step: Mindset

Mindset_StepOne_widescreen 720.png

Can you teach someone the core elements that made you successful?

Have you ever thought about that?

I mentioned in my podcast, some of the core elements, I want to dive a little deeper into how this came about.

I wanted to write out what changes I had to make to get the success that I have.

I’m not super rich, or a CEO, or full time entrepreneur, but I have had success with running a freelance, and being promoted to management in the workspace. So I can only teach success, up to the point that I have achieved it.

What I have been able to accomplish, is some solid groundwork to build on.

Here’s the foundational pieces, Mindset, Self-Improvement, Giving Back, Success, Networking.


Let’s start with mindset today:

I work with a resource center; I do not work for a job. The change here is that you work WITH the company, not FOR the company. You’re on a mission. It’s referred to as a resource center, because this place you call a JOB, is actually a place of learning, growing, improving skills, and gaining new skills.

I take responsibility for my outcomes, which puts me in control of the situation. When you take responsibility for things in your life, you can then have control to make adjustments as necessary, to achieve your desired outcome

I make every day the best day of my life.  You have One life, so make the best of it. Positivity wins in the macro.

I know everything in life is sales, and everything I want is a commission. In order for you to get what it is that you want in life, you will have to convince others to make an exchange for what they want. It doesn’t have to be a product, or service, it can simply be opinions, views, ideas.

I see problems as opportunities. That’s what problems are. They’re opportunities. When you can solve a problem, it will cause you to stand out, and add more value.

Which leads me to, I will always give more, than what I get in return. Give more value build leverage. The thing with leverage, is that you have it, but never use it. You just keep giving more and more value.

Lastly on mindset. I do not make excuses.  You take responsibility, you take control of the situation, and you find solutions.




Get Your Opportunity

It’s happening…

Imagine you have an interview coming up for a new position, maybe it’s in a management role, or a new department, or new job. You have to prepare yourself for that opportunity. More than likely, you may not know 100% what to expect, unless you have interviewed for that opportunity before. So, you need to be prepared.

Much like presenting a presentation to a group of people, you have to prepare yourself in the same way. This means doing research, preparing documents, understanding fully what the opportunity entails, preparing a pitch, practice handling potential objections; you have to be able to sell yourself.

You are a business

You should look at yourself as a business. In a way you always are one. Even if you work for someone else. You are in control of your income, so start thinking and acting like it

How do you prepare?

First: Do your research to understand fully what the opportunity requires, then figure out what you’re going to do above that. How are you going to give more? What makes you different? Why you?

That’s a really great way to stand out. It’s not just you’re going to do A B C & D, which you’re paid for, but you’re also going to do E F G &H on top of that. Bringing something fresh, something that pushes the ceiling upward.

Resources are everywhere

Look online for lots of common questions that will come up during that interview, make sure you have an answer to them. You may not be able to prepare for all of them, because there may, and more likely will be, some questions that you just couldn’t prepare for.

Going in as prepared as possible will make you calm, confident, and since you’ve already been putting in the prep work, you’ll be able to think on your toes more quickly.

Now, go and get that opportunity!

To hear the podcast version:



Alexa Flash Briefing

Taking Time For Yourself


SOME time, not the WHOLE time

Taking time for yourself does not mean you take the whole weekend off. No, it means that you take one of the days, and use SOME of the time for yourself.

Deploy self awareness to figure out how much time you really need, what you need to do, and then do it. Let this be a moment to refresh, rebuild, regroup, relax, so you’re prepped to kick it back in full gear.

Let’s be real

So many people try and say that they “hustle 24/7”, which is a load of garbage. I would love to follow them around and see them hustling 24/7. I guarantee they don’t. That’s okay. I’m not saying get lazy though. I’m not saying to ease up on the actions you take, I’m saying take a moment to do something special for yourself.

This could be a nap, could be getting sushi by yourself, exercising (which you should be doing daily), going outside and soaking in the sun instead of the computer screen for a moment. These are some healthy things, that will help re-energize your body, mind, and spirit. It will help fuel the creativity.

Take some time for yourself today, and be sure to put in some work. Monday will be here, and we’re going full steam ahead. Get Ready.




On a totally different topic, I’ve realized that I have been struggling to put out some material, so I’ve decided to out these shorter blogs.

Make the most of your 10X Growth Con Experience


First and foremost, this is a networking event. Get out of your comfort zone, and start talking with people. Exchange emails, phone numbers, connect on social media, start building those relationships.

I connected with so many people at the first 10X Growth Con, it was amazing. I got to meet several people I was already connected with. This is a great opportunity to get valuable connections, build deep relationships, and grow your social media.


BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS TO DROPBOX OR SOME OTHER CLOUD SERVICE! I accidentally erased all of my photos from the 2017 Growth Con, so all I have left are the few on Instagram.

Take a lot of photos, this will help with social content, memories, and when you take photos with other people, tag them in the picture. It will help you get reconnected with them after the conference.


There will be so many FIRE statements, and tips, and advise that you will want to keep them forever. Here’s the thing though, you cannot write everything down, so just take the big key points, so you can focus on the material. You can always go back and watch the replay if you purchased the recording.

This is key, take notes only on the big points, and then watch the conference in a week or so, so you can take deeper notes.


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.06.52 AM


Seriously, during the event, everything is on Sale!! 20, 30, 40, 50, 90% off! Grant puts everything on sale, to take advantage of the attention he has during the conference. This is the time to buy, because after the conference he will raise the prices. Why does he do this? If you pay attention to when he lowers and raises his prices, you will see that he lowers them to drive traffic, then raises them a week later to capture high margins. When he says he is going to raise the price, he means it. I’ve been paying attention to this little detail in his store for the past 2 years. Now is the time to buy!


You will be on a euphoric high while enjoying the 10X Growth Con, so set big goals, map out how you’re going to achieve them, use the data you learn to achieve them! DO NOT LOWER YOUR GOALS!

So many people have that mountain top experience, that they then burn out after a couple months. You need to keep your goals high, get those you connected with to hold you accountable for them, use each others strengths to help with your weaknesses, and grow together.


Order the recording!

Seriously! You will want to go back and re-watch everything, and take deeper notes!



What do you have to take away from the conference / what did you take away from the conference?

Let me know!!!

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5 tips for success



I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. I have 5 tips for success that can be used with any situation.

1: Stake your claim as the expert at something.

Be the expert at something, and share your knowledge with everyone. Are you the expert at customer service? An expert at music? What about an expert photographer? What are you an expert at? Stake your claim as the expert, and deliver on it!

2: Give more value than what you’re paid for.

You have heard this before, but it is so true. A sale becomes easy when value exceeds cost. This could be you selling a product, or selling yourself, being in a relationship, or anything where value is being exchanged.

3: Take responsibility.

“This is my fault, I take full and total responsibility for it.” Taking responsibility puts you in control of the situation, ultimately giving you the ability to make the proper adjustments when needed. It is also the quickest way to diffuse an argument, or rebuttal. There are so many people in the world that want to simply pass the blame for stuff, so why not be different and stand out? Why not own the situation, and turn it around?

4: Get out of your comfort zone.

Speaking in public is not comfortable. Leading other people, is really uncomfortable. Trying new things, or going to new places can be uncomfortable. Get uncomfortable. “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.” When you start making the switch to do the things that you fear the most, you will find that there is a whole world out there to discover. Just like with working out, you have to push yourself just past your limitations each time you go to the gym. That is how you get stronger.

5: Train Daily.

This is something I’ve very passionate about. I train on Cardone University everyday, it’s the #1 sales training platform in the world. You have to keep your mind sharp. You need to train not just mentally, but physically and spiritually as well. The more train, the more you grow. You do not win the Boston Marathon by sitting around watching Netflix all day. You do not even get to compete in a Tour de France unless you are the best of the best. You need to go out, run, eat right, you get mentally prepared, ride your bike, train every single day, compete in other races to build report, and then you might get a chance.
If you’re in sales it’s no different. You need to get yourself on CardoneU. Train on it daily. Practice, drill, rehearse.

So there you have it. If you deploy at least these 5 things, you will find that you will have more success.


If you have an Amazon Echo device, subscribe to the Alexa flash briefing skill, “Patience & Hustle Daily.” I drop a new flash briefing audio segment every single day, and have some special guest on throughout the week. I’ll see you there!

Bathophobia, and new things

Bathophobia? Fear of…baths?

Almost…”Sufferers from bathophobia experience anxiety even though they realize they are safe from falling into or being consumed by depths. The feared object may be a long, dark hallway, a well or a deep pool or lake. “Bathophobia” is derived from the Greek “bathos” (depth) and “phobos” (fear).



It is truly the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what lays beneath the water, down the hallway, the deep end of the pool. What’s down there? A monster? Nothing? Will I fall forever and not be able to breathe? Will I lose control?

When I was a young kid, we went caving with several people, and this cave, called “The Devils Den,” at its mouth has a large step down before you enter the cave. It’s pitch black so you cannot see the floor of the cave. I remember wanting to go through the cave with everyone, but I was just so afraid of taking that step. I couldn’t see the floor, and I couldn’t feel the floor, because I was so small at that time. I remember feeling I would just fall into a deep cavern, and not be able to get up or something.

I recall going back some years later, and much older, going through the cave with no problems. Until it came to this very narrow spot toward the end, where you have to squeeze through on your tippy toes, cannot turn your head, and then some part where you have to crawl under rock and climb your way out into another cave. I opted out of that…



We tend to fear the unknown. You make up an excuse to not call that client, or that girl or guy, or to go up to that person, or ask for that promotion, or to put your idea out there. You fear the unknown of what could happen. But why?

It’s a lack of action that increases fear. You not taking action, and just thinking more about the situation only makes it worse. It happens every time. Adding more time or thought to a decision, never makes it better. Just jump off the deep end and accept what comes to you. Was it the wrong decision? Maybe.

Fail early, and fail quickly. The quicker and earlier you fail, the quicker you can make adjustments. This takes immediate action though. You too often need to test, or plan, or map out, yet you take no risk of just doing. It’s okay if it’s not perfect, just put it out there and fix the mistakes as after.


…and new things

New things, unfamiliar things, uncomfortable things, strike fear into people. Going to places you’ve never been before. To places you do not know anyone, and do not know the exists in the building. That is one of my fears that I work to conquer. I hate the feeling of being invited to something where I may only know one person, but it’s in those situations that I grow the most. You get put into uncomfortable situations, having to be forced to face it or stay hidden under a rock.

It is ultimately your choice, I choose to just face the fear. They say, “Nothing grows in the comfort zone.” I believe it. I made it my personal mission to take chances on myself, and try the things that scare me. When I feel that adrenaline rush in the pit of my stomach, the shake in my hands, my brain racing telling me to flee, I rush towards that fear. When you learn to fight that fear, you will find it so rewarding.


Take action

The end.


10 ways to create valuable content for Instagram

Instagram is a great tool for marketing, networking, and sales. As a business, you want conversions, but a consumer wants value. So how do you create value to exchange with your audience, so they make an exchange with you?

Content creation. Not some spammy content, but real valuable content. You want to create content that tells a story, creates emotion, gives value, and yes…you eventually want to ask for the sale. After all, you are a business, and you want to help people with your product.


1: Inspirational Quote Post

These are the most common, you’ve seen these type of post everywhere. These make for a nice way to inspire, motivate, but also to give value. How? By not just trying to motivate, motivation is dead. Give “Instructional Motivation.” Simply telling someone to do something, but not telling them how to do it is like giving someone a box of pizza, with out the pizza inside. It’s just an empty box…a very sad empty box.

Give your reader something instructional to do with the motivation.



2: Shout outs (person or brand)

This is one of my favorite ones to do. Whenever someone buys a product from my store they get a shout out on Instagram, or Twitter (if they have one). This not only brings massive value to that person, because they are now getting free & more attention, it also shows other people what they should expect when they receive your services or product.

The same goes for a brand, maybe you were given a shirt, or purchased a shirt, product, service, anything, giving them a shout out on Instagram is a great way to give out more value.



3: Behind the scenes

Do people really know what you do? Do they understand it? Why hide it? Show your audience some behind the scenes images or videos. These are great, because it shows the process. People want to see the process of how things are done. A behind the scenes picture, or video is a great way to give that to your audience. This also can show them the effort, and work you put into what you do.

Give you audience a taste of what you do.



4: People/Selfies

Show your face! I have only recently been doing this more. Why I havn’t been doing this earlier, I cannot honestly tell you. I like to know who I’m following. Showing yourself on your feed, or with friends, or clients, or colleagues, gives your audience some insight into who you are.

This allows them to have a better connection with YOU. Why? Because now they have a face to the brand. Stop hiding your face behind inspirational quote images, and show yourself!

Be sure to still give value, something the reader can take away. This will be a general theme throughout all of these posts. Give your audience value, by giving them actionable tips. GIVE GIVE GIVE



5: Videos

Creating videos can add a lot to your page. Videos tend to do better with the social media algorithms (I do not claim to be an expert on the whole algorithm thing, just what I’ve noticed), especially for any posts that you run as advertisement. If you boost a post, make sure it does not have a lot of text, the advertisement system does not like those as much, and typically don’t reach as much of an audience. That’s just a side note.

The key here is to understand that your audience does not all like to consume information the same way. Some prefer text to read, others just want to listen, some don’t want long form blogs, some want to just watch. That’s where a video can bring some amazing value. Give them something good to watch, and I guarantee success with it.

Don’t focus so much on the content though, focus on the context. What you’re saying in the video, or what the video is about, rather than the quality as much. Make sure your video is horizontal, and not vertical. PLEASE?!?!? Keep the camera steady, good lighting, try to make sure you capture the audio if there’s anything they need to hear.



6: Scenic

Scenic views are great for capturing the viewers eye. Post a picture of a beautiful mountainside, a river, the city, train station, anything that has a lot of color, cool designs, and something unique and beautiful about it.

Make sure you tag the location as well, (as long as it is safe to do so, don’t tag your house location…don’t want any creepers). Tell the story of why you are there, what you learned, what you love about it most, give your viewer some insight.



7: Giveaways

As said by the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give it away, give it away give it away now!”

I love free stuff, you love free stuff, so why not give away free stuff? At the time I am writing this blog, 1/2/2018, I am conducting a book giveaway. I am giving away a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book “Crushing It.” I pre-ordered 3 copies to give away. This is a nice way to give back to your audience, and drive new people to your Instagram page!

I have done giveaways in the past, and it has been great. Yes, there is some up front cost sometimes, but the results are always great. You can create more loyal followers, new followers, new business. The giveaway does not have to be super expensive either. It just needs to be a quality item, that brings value to the recipient.

It also helps to know who your audience is, and what they like.



8: Audience Participation

Get your audience involved, and engaged. Ask a question for them to think on, and answer. The term “Social”, means having a conversation. Get your viewer talking, and converse with them.

Come up with some thought provoking questions. This can help you in a couple of different ways. It can help you improve your engagement on Instagram, and give you some insight into what your audience likes, or dislikes. That’s valuable data.



9: Showcase Product/Service

Yup, you get to show off your product/service. There’s a good way, and a bad way to do this. What I have been learning, is that you do not just want to show off your product in a spammy way where it is just “BUY BUY BUY!! BUY NOW!!!,” on every single post. That annoys people. That’s why you want to give lots and lots and lots of value, so when you do go in the ASK, it doesn’t seem pushy or of bad taste.

Make sure when showcasing your product, it’s done in a native way. What I mean is, simply showing the product does not do as well. What value is that? That’s just like one of those advertisements that we ignore. If you can get someone, a recent client, to showcase the product for you then you have something of value. Or, showcase yourself wearing/using the product in your everyday life.

If someone is wearing/using your product, make sure to give them a proper shout out! This gives back to the person who bought the product/service, and shows your viewer the product. It also helps give the product/service some authenticity as well.



10: Repost/Curate

Sometimes it’s okay to not have 100% original content to post. That’s where reposting, and curating content comes into play. I really love what Gary Vee, and Grant Cardone have to say on social. I know my audience does as well. So from time to time I will curate off of their content.

What is curating content? It’s where you combine original content, with other peoples content. The example below will show you exactly what I mean. I repost an image from Gary Vee, and then add my 2¢ of original text to it. I make sure I tag the person who owns the original image (that’s just the right thing to do).

This is a unique way to give your audience a little something extra on your feed. This may also introduce them to someone knew, who can give them value in different ways. This inadvertently gives them value, because you have given them something new and fresh. Or you’ve simply expanded on something they already love.




Final Thoughts

These are just 10 ways in which you can create valuable content for Instagram. Are you doing anything else? If so, let me know! I would love to hear what is working for you!